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Even though we are recommending you live and work in Lake Tahoe, Nevada we also understand you may need to travel from time to time for business or pleasure.  Here are some suggestions for making the trip between Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area (If you are traveling to other areas of the country the Reno Tahoe Airport is a breeze and has many non-stop or one-stop flight options).  


Drive to Bay Area from Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Drive time to San Fransisco can be as good as 3.5 – 4 hours and San Jose can be 4 – 4.5 hours, but keep in mind snow and/or traffic could add to these times.


Drive to Reno and Fly to Bay Area

Nevada just completed a new freeway I-580 which cuts 10 minutes off the 55 mile drive between the Reno-Tahoe Airport and Stateline, Nevada making the drive time just over an hour.  See links below for one-stop and non-stop daily service including the recent addition of daily flights to/from San Jose, CA.  If you have not experienced the Reno-Tahoe Airport you are in for a treat. Not only is it a snap to get from curb to gate, but the airport is making numerous upgrades to improve the passenger experience.


Drive to Minden and Fly Privately to Bay Area

Use general aviation to travel directly from the Minden-Tahoe Airport to Palo Alto / San Carlos / Reid-Hillview Airports.  Flight time would be 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes (depending on the aircraft).  Rough cost estimates for a 4-6 seat piston aircraft would be $200-$500 per hour of flight time.  This approach can save you time and energy when compared to driving.  In addition, you can get work done while on the airplane.  There is a potential to get these travel costs reimbursed by your employer or itemized come tax time.  If you have any questions about general aviation travel contact Launch Lake Tahoe.  We are licensed to fly and regularly make this trip to and from the Bay Area.  See our Lake Tahoe Flying Pictures.

Reno Scheduled Service Airlines


New Non-Stop Service- Reno to/from San Jose


Reno One-Stops & Non-Stops







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