Investor & Buyer Info

We are the best in the area at buying correctly and managing for cash flow. We establish relationships with owners who are looking to sell and with Real Estate Agents who represent various properties throughout the area. Our goal is to establish a fair price for the seller and then maximize the investment with specific upgrades that will result in additional rental income and/or overall value.  

Lending Opportunities-  Are you frustrated with the low interest rates paid for your money by banks?  Would you like to make more interest on your money?  We are always looking for lending and/or partnerships so we can keep applying our successful program to more properties.  Right now we are willing to pay 5-10% for 3-36 month lending. We have a successful history of paying back loans, great credit and your money can be secured with a specific property

Investment Opportunities-  Launch Lake Tahoe, Inc can work to find you the perfect investment property.  

Skills we can provide-

  • Create relationships with buyers/sellers and those looking to partner with Launch Lake Tahoe
  • Identify units in the area that fit our goals
  • Create a win-win for the seller and/or buyer and Launch Lake Tahoe
  • Design small to large scale changes that will increase the value of the unit
  • Create a timeline and total cost assessment for making changes to the unit
  • Manage the changes to the unit (costs, timeline and crew)
  • Fill the unit with renters or sell the unit

If you are looking to purchase with renting in mind most consider Nevada a landlord “friendly” state.

Launch Lake Tahoe can provide all of the above expertise along with all of the rental income without you needing to take on the management headaches.



***Launch Lake Tahoe, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of tax or real estate related information and recommends each individual verifies with his or her personal tax attorney and/or real estate attorney.