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Many people from the military have chosen to make Nevada their state of legal residence because of the tax advantages provided by the State of Nevada.  We can help you purchase a “permanent” home in Lake Tahoe, NV.  Here is some additional information and links about residency and taxes.


“Legal Residency,” or “domicile”, on the other hand refers to the place where a military member intends to return to and live after discharge or retirement, and which they consider their “permanent home.” Legal residency determines what local (state) tax laws a military member is subject to, and in which local (city, county, state) elections they may vote in.

Because military members may have “legal residence” in one state, but be stationed in a different state, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, allows military members to pay taxes, register vehicles, vote, etc., in their “state of legal residence,” rather than the state they are stationed in. This can sometimes result in a tax advantage because several states exempt military pay from state taxes.

However, the military is required by regulation to ensure that military members are not changing their “legal residence” for the sole purpose of obtaining a tax advantage. Therefore, when changing your “legal residence,” military officials at the legal office (or finance office) may require some degree of proof that you consider the new state to be your “permanent home.”

The easist proof is “physical presence in the state.” If you are currently stationed in a state, and wish to make it your permanent home, it’s generally pretty easy. If you are not currently stationed in the state you wish to make your permanent home, and have never been stationed there, it become much harder. Generally, you need a specific address, not just the state in general. You can show your intentions to become a legal resident by registering to vote in the new state, by titling and registering your car in the new state (notifying your old state of the change), by getting a driver’s license in the new state, or by preparing a new last will and testament (indicating your new state as your legal residence). Buying real property in the new state will also reinforce your claim.

Unless you can show such clear intentions, the military will probably not allow you to change your “legal residence.”

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Military Spouse Residency Relief Act—The MSRRA changes some basic rules of taxation with respect to military spouses who: 1) earn income from services performed in a State in which the spouse is present with their Service member (SM) pursuant to military orders and 2) that State is not the spouse’s domicile (legal residence). Under these conditions, the military spouse generally will not have to pay income taxes to that State. Depending on the laws of the domiciliary State, the spouse maybe required to pay income tax to the domiciliary State.

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