Real Estate Remodel Projects

Very few Real Estate Agents have experience with: investing in properties, running short/long term rentals or remodeling units.  And even fewer have experience in all three areas.  Launch Lake Tahoe, Inc has been successful for 10 years in all areas.

Here are before and after slides from our remodel projects.  We have experience managing and completing projects from layout/design to final permit sign off. Our design and layout for our remodels is based on our experience running short/long term rentals and/or a sale to an end user.  We like to buy units in perfect places (next to our primary backyard activities) and then alter them to fit exactly what we want them to be. 

If you are looking for a unit visit our units for sale.  If you are buying a unit and want to discuss ways we can help please contact us.


Remodel Project A

Remodel project a before and after from bknittel

Remodel Project B

Remodel project b before and after from bknittel

Remodel Project C

Remodel Project C Before and After Pictures from bknittel
Remodel Project D

Remodel Project D from bknittel