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Brent Knittel
Manager, Launch Lake Tahoe, Inc

Over the last sixteen years, Brent created his system to buy, remodel and lease real estate.  During this process, he rented his units as vacation rentals, long term rentals and ski leases.  His experience of managing up to 16 units simultaneously helped him streamline his system for success. In addition to managing the rental properties, Brent gained additional experience by completing nearly a dozen of his own remodels.  He quickly learned how to make specific improvement to units so they would be more attractive to renters and/or buyers while increasing the overall value of the units.


In addition to real estate, Brent created two award winning businesses in Northern Nevada: a restaurant and an event flower business.  In 2015, Brent purchased and remodeled a restaurant property in Genoa, NV and with a partner created Cottonwood Cottage which is a restaurant, bar and wedding venue.  And in 2018, Brent partnered with the same business partner in Candlelight & Roses which is a wedding and event flower business.

Before his success in real estate, Brent spent 10 years teaching high school special education and coaching high school football and basketball. Today, Brent lives with his wife and young twin sons in Genoa, NV and currently owns/manages multiple units and the two businesses. 


Brent can pull from his extensive experience in all areas of real estate and business to offer knowledge to those looking to buy. He can provide the best knowledge about price, value, rental income potential, remodel ideas/costs and help with the overall big picture and plan.  Brent uses his skill set to create many win-win scenarios for people looking to sell and has extensive experience dealing with difficult lending situations.

If you would like to sell your unit or would like to buy a unit please contact Launch Lake Tahoe.  We are confident our experiences will help you with your real estate purchase or sale.

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