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Launch Lake Tahoe started managing rentals in 2002 and since that time we have worked with more than 150 renters in our units.  We are a boutique rental management company focusing on relationships and operating in a fair and reasonable manner.  We are very hands on and your direct point contact for any issue. 

If you are interested in an available unit. please drive by the unit to see if the location works and then call to set up an appointment to see the inside. 


Application & Additional Requirements:

  • Provide LLT with a copy of your driver’s license and Social Security Card

  • Complete and Return the Rental Application which is completed online with a nominal fee.

  • Receive, Review, Sign, Lease Agreement

  • Provide proof of renter's insurance


First month's rent and security deposit are paid in cash.  After the first month, all payments will be deposited/transferred into our bank account.

Renter's Insurance (Required)

Provide proof of Renter’s Insurance with minimum of $500,000 liability coverage (all renters are required to carry insurance policy for renter personal property and liability).

Brent Knittel and Launch Lake Tahoe, Inc are to be named additionally insured and both can be contacted at P.O. Box 3082 Stateline, NV 89449.  ****If a dog is allowed in the lease agreement by LLT your renter’s insurance must reflect the exact dog that is covered.

Additional Information for Those Renting a Unit in Tahoe Village

  • Tahoe Village Pool & Hot Tub access info can be found on channel 13 on your television.

  • Hot tub is open all year.  Pool is open in the summer.

  • Household garbage can be put into any of the large trash bins in Tahoe Village.

  • All cars must be moved within 24 hours of snow.  Try to move your car to a clean stall so they can remove snow where you were parked.

There is no mail delivery in Stateline, NV.  You must take your lease to the Post Office along with required identification and pay for a P.O. Box.
UPS and FedEx will deliver to the front door of the unit.


Tahoe Village HOA Rules & Regulations


Tahoe Village HOA Snow Removal Procedures


Kingsbury General Improvement District Snow Procedures (Tahoe Village Area)





Rent and Security Deposit and all information provided is subject to change at anytime by management until a lease is completed.

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